Believe in your beautiful self ♥

I just wanted to thank so many of you for showing me so much love when I still feel like I have only begun to open myself up to this world.

I want you all to know that you may never think that it’s ‘too late’ to become the person you wanna be. Because when you think so, you’ll make it come true. Thoughts can be deceiving because we take them to be reality…and we tend to believe that reality we have created after a while.

That’s why you should never lose faith, never give up hope to break free from thoughts that tell you that you’ll never be who you wanna be…

Because…imagine how beautiful you could be when your thoughts are positive about yourself and you create a whole new reality, in which you are proud of yourself and in which you follow your dreams.

I know that it’s hard to work hard for what you want when you’re insecure about your talents…

I have blocked my own talents for years and years because I never really believed I could be successful…I even felt ashamed when thinking I could be someone who made a difference in this world.

But a lot of eye-opening experiences and inspiring persons have taught me otherwise.

So I’m trying to fight the nagging insecurity that still holds my heart in its cold grip and I know that I will get there one day, I’ll be who I wanna be and do what I wanna do.

My heart feels so joyful when some of you tell me I’m inspiring to you, because I know how important an inspiring person can be, how it can give you hope, how you can hold on to someone else’s story.

That’s why I just wanted to share this. I’m far from perfect and I do have bad days, a lot of them, but I’ll never let go of that little spark of hope that has always been there in my heart…It’s growing now.

And from the bottom of my heart, I want your little spark to grow too.

If you feel like absolutely  no one believes in you, remember that’s not true because…for what it’s worth…I believe in you.

I love you guys xoxo

ps. As you all know,I love MJ so very much. His song “you are not alone” is like a soothing whisper to me…he reminded me I’ll never be alone.


4 thoughts on “Believe in your beautiful self ♥

  1. Awww Froebby, that was absolutely inspiring. You always have the perfect words to make me feel like I can do everything what I want. It’s really awesome to have a friend who tell you something like this. Thanks for inspiring me everyday. Take care cupcake, I hope you are fine 🙂 ❤

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