If winter and talent would have a baby…

…her name would be Jamie Lostein!

I discovered this adorable singer on youtube and her soft voice is just so touching and enchanting.

On top of that, she’s got the rockstar looks and a diamond heart…

Looking for a new artist to sign, record companies? Why look further when there’s Jamie 🙂

I loooove this song by her!

Show her love, she deserves it 🙂


8 thoughts on “If winter and talent would have a baby…

  1. TBH I don’t like her that much, she does not know how to use her voice at all. I tried give her constructive criticisms and she all but bit my head off trying to defend herself, and the three times I’ve talked to her she’s been nothing but rude.

    She uses way too much air on her voice and it just sounds generally annoying, I have tried giving her a shot, about five times, but all her videos makes me cringe 😡

    I guess to the “common” (not the best word to use, I am aware of that) listener might find her voice great, but someone like me, who spends her time analyzing songs and working with music/vocals all day long, finds her voice extremely annoying :c

    • You are completely entitled to your opinion, but when it comes to music/artists/singers we all have different taste…it’s something very personal.In this case, you can’t appreciate her voice, while I can, nothing wrong with that 🙂
      If there’s anything bothering you, you should talk to her directly about it, I don’t think this is the place to discuss this and I’m not the person to be in the discussion either 🙂
      But thanks for your honesty!

    • To anyone who has given constructive criticism and it was presented as such, I KNOW I have taken it maybe not jumping and squealing around excitedly, but I have never been rude either. One of my principles. If it was presented in an abrasive way that could not have seemed constructive as opposed to purely negative, then yes, if I do reply, they get the same thing back. That is all I will say.

      • The one who treats with respect will be treated with respect in return 🙂 Criticism is not always easy to accept, so it may be hard to acknowledge, but that’s comletely normal to react that way. You wanna do your best and someone tells you it’s not enough, of course it’s not something you get all happy and smily about, but it’s important to accept critisism and integrate it by raising the bar for yourself and saying ‘I’ll do better next time’ . There’s a huge difference betwen critisism and hate though…and that hate – any hate- is just not acceptable. Jamie love, you’re doing such a wonderful job and the weird thing is…when haters appear, it means you’re on the right path to becoming someone big as an artist. You know you’re doing good when someone’s jealous 🙂 xoxo

  2. Well said Froe 🙂

    Be cautious with your criticisms, Mr Annoyed. Yes, you are entitled to an opinion, but please bear in mind the psychological impact of negative words on a young artist, even if those words are constructive. Believe me, it can really hurt! Ultimately, the way you choose to talk to people along this journey is equal to the way they will choose to talk back to you…

    Anyway, Jamie is such a sweetheart! It’s a lovely song, she’s very pretty, and I do wish all the best for her in the future. Thanks for sharing Froe 😀

  3. Thank you Froe dear ^_^ Ah, I forgot to mention that it’s just the side of me that likes to toy with the ones that can’t present anything remotely intelligent, of course I don’t jump at every single troll and hater around xD It’s all part of the package, I suppose, and I’ll just keep my head held high and strive to do the best I can 🙂 Thank you again for this post! ❤

    • You don’t have to do it yourself, that’s why you have bodyguards (the best in the world, if I may say…haha!) That’s amazing to hear sweetie…You can do this, you’re this type of person that immediately lights up on my she’s-gonna-make-it-radar! ❤ you're welcome!

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