All I’ve got left is a broken heart and your old T-shirt

“Hold me, baby…” one boy whispered sweetly, words flowing delicately over the curves of his lover’s body.

The other boy choked his tears, quivering lips lingering near those of the one he loved. He carefully wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s needy frame, treasuring this moment before it would fly off  like a frightened bird.

“You’re so beautiful,” he heard the sweet voice echoing inside his empty heart and failed to hide the sob that crawled up his throat.

The intense embrace stilled and for an undefined moment in time, there were just these two bodies breathing and two minds clouded by doubt – all reason and reality fading.

Then the same sweet voice gently brought the world back to spinning.

“Are you crying?” the one boy’s deep timbre sounded so familiar but frighteningly distant at the same time.

The other boy hid his face in the one boy’s neck and wished he could die in the bliss of sensing his lover so dangerously close.

“I don’t want it to b-be like this,” he breathed against his man’s skin.

“Be like what?” the last word felt like a chilly blanket that was wrapped around the crying boy’ s shoulders.

“Like you don’t understand that all of this is killing me,” he replied, thumping his weak fist against the chest that treasured the heart he had fallen in love with.

“What I don’t understand is how you always seem to ruin the evening,” the one boy mumbled, slightly pushing his crying boyfriend away from him.

“How about you ruining my day?” the other cried out, pulling the covers tightly over himself.

“What are you talking about?!” the one boy put both his hands on each side of his lover’s head and forced him closer again, although his hands stayed soft and gentle.

“I want us to be together,” whispered his lover, averting his eyes from the other’s face.

“We are together, hey…look at me,”

“You don’t want people to know about us so how the hell are we an item then?” he now dared to stare right back into his lover’s eyes with a painful glance glued to his deep irises.

Two hearts were objecting loudly to the frightening earthquakes that surrounded them and slowly started to weep, not ready to be broken, not tonight.

“You’re a boy,” the one boy exhaled a shaky breath, his fingers lovingly stroking his lover’s cheeks.

“I’m your boy,” the other softly replied, eyes still pouring delicate tears.

“That’s the problem, baby…”

“You make this…” the crying boy whispered, leaning in to his boyfriend and connecting hungry lips to his for a brief moment, then pulling away again “…sound like a sin.”

“You’re tearing me apart…” the one boy sighed, eyes closed and foreheads softly touching one another.

“What’s so wrong with two boys being  in love?” his fingers tangled up in his boyfriend’s messy hair.

“You’re so naïve…” the one boy smiled weakly, his cheek now rubbing alongside his lover’s cheek.

Pain shot right through the so called naïve boy’s chest and he held his breath to hear the foundation of his heart tumble down and destroy his last bits of strength.

Overwhelmed by frustration and rejection, he freed himself from the close contact and crawled out of bed, body falling against one of the walls and silence kissing his lips.

He buried his head in his hands and slid down the wall, back scraping against the cold surface. He shook his head once, twice, then forcefully looked up at the one who had just hurt him more than ever.

“You’re right, I am naïve, for once believing that there would come a day where you wouldn’t be ashamed of dating me or you’d be man enough to not care about your tough friends’ opinion,” the words danced in between them like a spectacle, a drama story with a bad ending.

“I don’t wanna be a part of this anymore…” he finally sighed and threw his head backwards against the wall softly, a soft thump filling the room with sadness.

“I love you,” the one boy squeaked, his own eyes now filled with guilty tears.

“I love you too…” the other boy hoarsely whispered, exhaustion battling his limbs as he managed to get up from the floor and grabbing his lover’s wide T-shirt from the ground, quickly slipping it on.

“…but that’s just not enough.”

And the door slammed shut.


We should never be ashamed when it comes to love…Don’t let your love walk away xoxo


6 thoughts on “All I’ve got left is a broken heart and your old T-shirt

  1. You caught an intense moment, which overcomes so many boys.You did a great job Froe.

    Let this short story inspire them, as much as it inspires each one of us.


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