Pink is the new black.

Hello glitterkids!

I had SO much fun at my beautyschool exam yesterday!(never though that the words “exam” and “fun” could both appear in the same sentence…)

I loved the healthy stress, singing along with my model Pauline (she’s the cutest) and…and…just everything!

Check out a little video of yesterday’s photoshoot by clicking here!

Pictures coming soon…

Ooh yeah…and umm…slight detail….I PASSED MY EXAM 😀

You may now all call me Frauke the professional make-up artist,haha 😉

Ps. The shoot was inspired by the harajuku/scenequeen style…We love Jeffree Star and his pink amazingness.

I was inspired by this look. His hair looks exactly like mine in the morning actually.Is that a good thing?


One thought on “Pink is the new black.

  1. AWWWW I LOVE SO MUCH THIS COLOR! *-* Pink is my obssesion hahaha, i love it 😀 it’s like a dream to see all those pink things. I loved the video 🙂 so cute!.
    Congrats again! now you are Froebby “the professional make-up artist” as you say 🙂
    I love you Froebby ❤ take care

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