Someone as beautiful as you

“Can I sit here?” big brown eyes pierced her involuntary gaze.

“T-There’s plenty of others seats still empty,” she whispered shyly, averting her panicking eyes as she bit down hard on her bottom lip.

Please not today. She wasn’t in the mood for any kind of mockery.

“You seem lonely,” he shrugged off her attempt to get rid of him and plopped down next to her, his hands stilling her shaking ones.

The girl shrieked softly, fingers freezing at the spot, mind twirling like a carousel.

The lunch room normally wasn’t the place where you’d get the urge to puke every single time. But for her, it was. Even the smallest aspect of life was completely different in her world than it was to others.

Kids staring, her table always empty, food barely touched…Head bowed down and tears cutting right through her eyes, turning her face into a battlefield. Daily lunch break, her painful routine.

Now someone felt the need to make things even worse, unleash the bullying and let it eat someone’s heart.

“What do you care?” she bit back, shoving his hands away and locking her arms tightly around her rising chest.

She could still feel the tingling of his skin connected to hers.

“I don’t know, I don’t like being lonely myself so…” the boy replied, a flash of pain momentarily taking over his features.

She stared at him, not even realizing she had the guts to do so. He was beyond gorgeous, not just beautiful, but interesting to watch, enchanting almost.

Partly speechless and partly frightened of what he was intending to say next to turn this innocent conversation into a painful insult, she shook her head softly.

“Just get this over with…call me a fat, ugly cow like you were planning to…” she managed to say, her voice struggling to push any sound past the lump that was forming in her throat.

“Well, if that’s how you see yourself, let’s say I’m a farmer. Farmers like cows, especially heavy ones. Not that I think you look like one, I just mean …well…and I’m not a farmer but…erm…Look, I didn’t come here to hurt you,” he babbled, his one eyebrow rising as he realized he was messing up his words again, as always.

The girl’s frown looked somewhat amused and she giggled slightly, her knee bumping against the gorgeous boy’s one.

As a blush crept up her cheeks, she hastily brought her hand up to her mouth and let her teeth dig into one of her fingernails.

“You’re weird,” she softly said, kind of surprised she even dared to call someone the one thing others always used to describe herself.

“Hey, I thought I was the one doing the insulting here?” he playfully replied, stealing one of the fries that were lying abandoned on her plate.

“Those are mine, you jerk,” she smiled up at him, tucking some strands of lost hair behind her ears, revealing her delicate face.

“I’m sorry…Let me buy you some new ones tomorrow?” He asked quickly, as the school bell ruined the perfect sentence flowing from his perfect lips.

“I…I guess?” she sucked in her bottom lip, as she blinked her wide eyes a few times to make sure he was still sitting right next to her.

“Perfect,” he stood up from his seat, backpack nonchalantly thrown over his thin shoulders.

“Wait! Why did you really come here?” she sucked in some needy air and held her breath insecurely, still trying to find any reasonable explanation for the most normal conversation she ever had.

“I know how it feels to be lonely…” his hand delicately brushed against her soft cheek. “And how hard it is to trust someone new…So  I hate to see that happen to anyone else, especially someone as beautiful as you.”


Bullying, loneliness,…It can really bruise you. But never give up that sparkle of hope because one day, someone WILL find you worthy and you’ll discover you ARE beautiful!♥


10 thoughts on “Someone as beautiful as you

  1. This is so beautiful
    It made me cry and smile at the same time. I know how she must feel. I was bullied through out elementary school and high school. I learned to live with it, but not without tons of scares. Time heals all wounds and today I aren’t afraid of reaching for the sky and dream, ’cause you never know what tomorrow brings

    • awww hello lovie, thank you. I can imagine it brought up mixed feelings for you…I’m so proud of you for being so strong after all you’ve been through, that takes courage <333

  2. it was beautiful 🙂 like a romantic movie. I loved it. I hope someone can find in me how really i am. someone who loves me as i am. It’s so cool feel how there are amazing people who accept to you no matter what. Like i always say: “Everyone has a soulmate somewhere”

  3. And again you made me speechless, babe.
    This story brought tears to my eyes. I know exactly how the girl in your story feels.
    I love how you express feelings so pure and so real in your stories.
    you’re way beyond amazing.


    • *sprinkles love gently over you* you’re such a sweet darling.Thank you…So meaningful when I can touch someone’s feelings, that’s what writting is about to me…<33

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