More than just a band

Bonjour chéries!


I travelled to the beautiful Paris *dreamy eyes* to meet up with the German boys from Tokio Hotel as a journalist for a magazine. They’re sweet,slightly shy, extremely busy and  pretty gorgeous + the crew was amazingly sweet.


 Someone sent me this fanvideo, you can apparently see me hopping around in the background with my camera lol:



 As always, I acted as the goofball I am and made some people stare at me backstage (ooh hi there!) , but that’s just me, I think it’s important to be yourself at all times, whether you’re talking to  the mailman or a celeb. They’re just humans like you and me…Think about it, it’s an important way to look at artists, in my opinion.


Remember to never judge someone you’ve never met and also that every artist is a person with a heart, not just a gossip topic.

Thank you boys and thank you so so so much to the wonderful Universal team…you know who you are, love how warmhearted you all are!

ps. pic of me and the boys on

Did I mention the taxi rates in Paris almost made me a homeless woman?SO expensive!Haha!

My portable office 😀


10 thoughts on “More than just a band

  1. Sounds like u had a wonderful time! (LOVELY picture) And i’m sure you’ll get to meet many more people 😀
    I loved what u said that: “Every artist is a person with a heart, not just a gossip topic”
    i try my best to do this, but i think sometimes we all forget. so thanks for reminding all of us 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you honey and I’m so glad I somehow helped you remind this, I think it’s sooo important. They’re just humans , like you and me ❤ bless your heart xoxo

  2. Awwww *-* cool, i hope you have enjoyed so much your travel. The guys are sweet persons, i can imagine it. I’m happy for you dear Froebby 🙂 take care sweetie. Love u so much.

    • the taxi drivers are always surprising too!Once grumpy, other time sweet and friendly…:D I’ve been outside the venue to take pictures of the fans, maybe I walked near you 😀

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