In your deepest despair.

He keeps running from those he craves to touch the most. Soft hands clinging to his diamond jacket, his silky hair, those frail arms.


“Let them be, let them come near,” you defend the ones that are following your steps, but you only say so inside of your mind.


You forgot to wake your voice this morning.


No one hears you say you want to embrace this crying man, kiss this beautiful woman, gently wrap your arms around this sleeping child on her arm, how you wish it was yours.


Suits and sunglasses shelter the men walking by your side, expressionless bodies towering over you, while you lose your shadow and the will to speak your mind.


They feed their wives by protecting you, but it’s really just a matter of skin and bones. The truth is, your tiny heart feels demolished and no thousand bodyguards could keep you from falling apart right here and now.


But you can’t. Because you won’t. Because tears aren’t granted to someone who’s known all over the world.


Perfect, you must be nothing but divine. But you’re not and you’re the only one who really knows.


So keep walking, running, your eyes hidden behind dark shades of gold.


Teary eyes will memorize the glimpse of your beauty, but no one will remember you. Maybe your face, perhaps your name, but never completely…you.


In your deepest despair, who will really see you?


In uncomfortably huge hotel rooms, who will chase the moon that’s haunting you? Sleepless by its light, you curse the giant, white ball that’s resting in a bed of darkness above you.


Love is your diverted route, making you feel lost because you keep missing the signs.


So you’re kneeling by the side of the road and you’ve forgotten how to describe your way back home to those passing by.


The crying man, the beautiful woman, the sleeping baby, the outside world. Will they ever hear and see the man behind the glam?


Who will bring you home safely and allow you to cry?


Questions that rush through your overcrowded mind. Screams invading the loving whispers that once wished to flow from your lips.


“I love you,” someone’s voice sounds like a plea roaring through your atmosphere.


And finally, you burst into your lifelong forbidden tears.



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