I have a dream…

Dear glitter dolls and pirate dudes,

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who believed in a dream you had?

This one huge thing that you’re dedicating so many thoughts and devotion to…is ridiculous in the eyes of others?

Have you ever felt ashamed to dare and dream because others would laugh at you? Did you hide the dream, did it fade from your heart?

I pray that you never let that dream die.

Because I know how hard it feels to want something that others are not allowing you to want. It’s this special desire everyone of us is born with, but only a few are persistant enough to actually hold on to it. Be one of those people, no matter how hard it gets, how many tears you’ll cry or how many times you’ll fail. Keep believing, keep working hard, keep that dream alive.

Just felt like sharing this today, determination and the love for what you truely care about should never be destroyed by someone else. No dream is something to be ashamed of or something you don’t deserve.

Chase it…and catch it!♥


4 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. I have a dream. And I have to admit that I left it die 😥
    My DREAM is write a book that sold in worldwide. It is the only thing I do well and is my most precious gift 😀
    but this year I decided to write again. Every day I try to write something new and this post has inspired me to continue doing it. Maybe the country where I’m from is not allowed to dream but I don’t care, I will fight against everything to make it real! 😀

    Thank you, Froe you’re my inspiration!
    With love.

    • Hello sweetie!
      The wonderful thing it that when you left your dream to die,you can make it be reborn again…
      You dream sounds so amazing and special to me because I love to write as well so I understand how passionately you must feel about this. I smiled when I saw how you have picked up on writing again, that’s really brave and beautiful.
      I’m so glad I could inspire you somehow (it means you haven’t given up yet!) and I really hope that you can believe in your dream again.
      So much love,you go baby!<3
      Froe xoxo

  2. Awww Froebby, that’s so inspirational to me 🙂 yes, everyday i feel that no one understand me u.u but i’m still dreaming in spite of it. I believe in myself and that’s only matters. I always wanted someone who tells me something like this. Thanks again SWEET CUPCAKE! ❤

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