Candycane girl

Tired of these wintertimes? So am I!*pulls blanket over my shoulders with a very annoyed face* 

No wait, let’s stop sulking!Smiling makes us more beautiful and at least there’s no grumpy-wrinke-lines involved!

 Time to reveal our beautiful features and get in the mood for the sweetest springtime ever…(and let’s pray it comes by FAST!)

 I dug into my huuuuge (ooh yeah, it’s huge *insert make-up addicted smile here*)  make-up stash and listed some adorable make-up goodies that will help you create a fresh candycane look that will make you look yummie yum, like a piece of candy…So get ready for these pink glitzy sparkly awesome cosmetics, some lovely rays of sunshine and possibly – a very cute date!



Moisturizer by Estée Lauder : Daywear Plus –> makes every inch of your face feel super smooth,protects your skin  and brings out your natural skintone very beautifully. My all time favorite, especially when you don’t like using foundation but you do want some coverage.


Sheertone Blush by MAC cosmetics in ”Pink swoon” –> I’m a total MAC addict, I admit! This color reminds me of the cute blush crawling along those chubby cheeks  of little kiddos, just so cute!And so pink!



Radiance Powder Compact by Chanel in “Golden dream” –> Chanel is like the ageless moviestar among the beautyproducts…it never grows old or ugly,ha! This powder looks and actually feels like satin and will make a delicate and soft glow dance across your skin. Pure heaven.


High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique in “01 Black” –> Finding the right mascara is one of the hardest jobs, like… seriously!*hairflip* You find one that applies easily?Ooh it crumbles.You find one that has a supereasy brush?Ooh you hardly notice the color on your eyelashes.It’s pretty problematic sometimes! I was OVER THE MOON when I used this mascara…It ended my dramatic quest for the right companion…We’ve been happily married ever since. Use it!It’s perfect in every way and will make your lashes look lushious and full.


Cool Lip Jam by Gosh On Stage in shade 106 –> A pink delight…Very sticky but the secret with lipglosses is: the stickier, the better!It’ll make your lips feels tingly when you apply it first because it’s supposed to plump your lips…Big lips, yes please!Brigitte Bardot, watch it girl!And it tastes like bubblegum,woo-hey!


Nailpolish by Gosh in “Pink Rose” –> I noticed that the color in these two pictures looks very different but it is the same nailpolish!Best way to describe it: Barbie. So over the top but you know you want it. It lasts pretty long too, up to 3 days without flaking!(which is pretty long in my dictionary, haha)


Perfume by DKNY: Be Delicious (green) –> It smells like applesssssssssss!How lovely and delicious, perfect for springtime!


Cupcake necklaces and popsicle Tees will make you look extra adorable!

Now, let’s hope spring will be in town by tomorrow…we’re ready, aren’t we girls!?



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