We just don’t belong.

“Shhh,” the ebony haired boy whispered softly, his hands tracing fresh lines of sadness in his lover’s face.

“Don’t you dare doing this,” the other boy stuttered, his hands grabbing those resting on his face and ripping them from his skin.

Every touch that used to feel like a bliss to his senses, now  felt like a humiliating one, a hushing caress to numb the goodbye that his love was forcing upon him.

“ We just don’t belong, we’re guys…guys don’t date” the boy spoke and he placed his last kiss on top of his lover’s trembling lips.


“I’d really love to meet your friends…” a sweet looking girl brushed her cheek against her lover’s.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea sweetie,” her boy replied, before looking over his shoulder and scanning the empty hallway for any wandering students.

“Why not?” she frowned, stepping back from him as she folded her arms nervously across her chest?

“They don’t see you like I do, babe. I mean, they won’t look past this…” he sighed, sliding his pale finger across her chocolate colored arm.


“Why don’t you wanna come with me to the swimming pool?” he pouted, wrapping his arms around his picture perfect girlfriend.

“I don’t want to be feel embarrassed,”  she shrugged, pulling her hair back in a ponytail swiftly.

“What are you talking about, you have a gorgeous figure…” his fingers ghosting over her slender back.

“I wasn’t talking about my figure,” she bit her lip softly and then rolled her eyes at him.


Have you ever been rejected by your crush, your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply a friend because of how you look, who you are, what you like,…?

When I was in high school, I fell in love with a boy that had been my friend since I was 6. He said he cared about me, shared his secrets and kisses with me, held me close

But he never did this out in the open. It was just us two, at my place, or his, and he’d ignore me at school and anywhere else where there were other people. He’d insult me or laugh at my dreams whenever we were alone as well, but I let it happen, I was so in love, and love tends to make you very dedicated to someone, even when it isn’t right, even when it’s so hurtful.

When I found the courage to confront him with the fact I didn’t feel like being his secret anymore, he told me I just didn’t fit into his daily life, his popular gang of friends. He loved me, but not enough to show the world that he did.

After he said this, I blamed myself for who I was, forgave him for his harsh words and kept seeing him…Then eventually something snapped inside of me and he had been crushing my heart for so long, making it impossible to still be near him.

I wasted five years on that kid, pushed other sweet boys that I had feelings for away from me, gave up on real, heartfelt relationships I had with others to return to his metaphorical dungeons in which his unspoken love kept me a prisoner.

But as I grew up mentally and gained more respect for myself and the power to reflect on how people treated me, I was able to let him go. He acted as if he had done nothing wrong, as if he couldn’t understand, even though I knew about his endless flirts with other girls, playing the same game with them as he had played with me. So he very well understood what he was doing to me, to them, to us.

We were his easy victims. But I no longer tolerated being a victim, I wanted to be anything but that.

So girls, boys, whenever a lover isn’t treating you well and when you talk about it with him/her and he just doesn’t change, step away from your relationship, how hurtful or hard or scary or lonely it may be.

Eventually, time heals and hearts flourish to be loved by someone new.

Respect yourself – love is about the sharing of passionate dreams, finding beauty in someone’s flaws, accepting someone’s personality, someone’s life…

I really hope you’ll all be able to find this special someone, this special feeling of endless love. Believe in it and you will, sooner or later, I promise, you will.

Your heart deserves to be unbroken…



6 thoughts on “We just don’t belong.

  1. You’re right, I’ve done so much shit just because I’ve been in love, just to keep the special someone close. It took me a sexual assault to realize that “hey dude, I’m done taking your shit, gtfo out of my life”.

    I know I’m gonna do it all over again, but I’ll be more careful before falling in love, making sure he’s good for me and my friends know to tell me when something has gone too far.

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you honey…That must be such a burden to carry for your heart. But how beautiful to see you so hopeful – just the way it should be. Wishing you the most beautiful, respectful love in the future 🙂 x

  2. *hugs* aww Froe this post is beautiful, it kinda reminds me of that song, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies. It’s really nice to hear about your own personal journey in love as well, and how you’ve grown and learnt from it… it’s so so hard to let go sometimes and I’m glad that you’ve been able to. Only happiness from here on, ok? 🙂 xx

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