The darkness I need

“What are you watching?” Justin’s soft voice broke through the buzzing inside of Paige’s head.

“Nothing…just the outside world I guess,” she sighed, gently leaning her forehead against the dusty window.

“What do you see?” he smiled, twisting his fingers around his battered guitar, caressing the tired but willing strings that begged to sing another song.

“The dark…it’s all I see. A dark world out there,” Paige bit her lip, her mind twirling by the sound of her own voice.

It was late, her mood was heavy and she couldn’t put up with being nothing more than Justin’s best friend right now. Every word flowing from his lips settled underneath her skin, squirming like feral rats, making her feel feverish and uneasy.

Nothing he said would ever be enough to mend her yearning heart, no laughter coming from his mouth would still her hungry need for affection. She loved him, in so many more ways than he loved her, and it was slowly eating her alive, these love-filled desires that were not fulfilled.

Justin’s hands stilled and he lowered his gaze, his friend’s unhopeful testimony dragging his gorgeous smile off of his face immediately. He inhaled sharply and stood up, leaving his beloved instrument to rest on the couch he had been sitting on.

Angry waves of passionate blood were thumping against Paige’s skull and she closed her eyes, trying to calm down her endless feeling of love for this boy that was now overflowing her senses. She just wanted to sleep, but she knew he’d have to leave her again in the morning and it was worth the pain to sit and talk with him all night, building memories.

The boy now stood behind her, his body lingering near hers, as he pressed his lips to her hair and curled his arm around her shoulder.

“There’s more than the dark to see…Have a closer look,” he smiled against her cheek, now looking outside together with her.

A shaky breath escaped her lips, as her heart tried to break out of her chest. He was so close, too close for her to cope with.

A haze of tears spread across her eyes and she shook her head involuntarily, not able to see or say anything this very moment. There was just him, her and her longing to let them melt into ‘us’.

“Fireflies,” he whispered against her warm skin, his head resting softly upon her shoulder. “There’s fireflies out there.”

She quickly brought her hand up to her face, brushing some fleeing tears from the corners of her eyes, trying to focus on the outside world once again.

“There’s always some light out there in the darkness,” he spoke gently but wise and she shivered as Justin could so easily soothe her mind.

“Always something to hold onto…” she replied hoarsely as she leaned her back against Justin’s chest.

“Or someone…” he mumbled, nuzzling her shoulder lovingly and sweet.

She smiled as goose bumps travelled across her skin and stared right into his eyes as he spun her around carefully to face him.

“You’re my firefly,” he pronounced the words so silently, it almost made them non-existent.

“You’re the darkness I need to make me shine,” she replied automatically, her heart writing poetry with her voice.

Through the dusty window you could see, two silhouettes holding each other in a subtle light, and one kiss changing the future to an entire life.


I did a contest on twitter where I asked to send me your crush and why you liked him/her so much – and I’d make a love story for someone lucky!The winner was @paigebieber, I hope you enjoyed this little short story darling! I’ll be doing some more contest soon, keep on eye on my tweets 🙂 xoxo Love and fluffiness


16 thoughts on “The darkness I need

    • Thanks so much my dearest Dan ❤ I must say your last piece left me stunned…It was like the whole story could have been born in my mind, It's hard to explain. You're a gift <33

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