My tiny darling.

My tiny darling inside of my chest, softly pacing, silently, whispering. Listen to me.

There’s 6,795,600,000 beating hearts in the world.

Some slowly pacing along, some bursting with joy because of a gentle kiss, some slipping away and silencing, until sobs would rain down on this sleeping muscle and this abandoned chest.

134,000,000 sets of eyes see the world for the first time each year, whilst another 57,000 000 will never open again.

I tend to cling to numbers to get a grip on what life is all about, but no millions could ever relate to what I feel in this tiny, shallow heart of mine. Is there really someone amongst the breathing who knows how it feels to be closed off from your own smiles?

Scarlet letters written inside the smallest corridors of my heart. Will someone ever be able to read the shaky handwriting?

How selfishly stained are questions from me to another 6,795,599,999 hearts?

But these questions I need to ask, these words my heart needs to write. Because it shall not numb, because I won’t give up, because we shall not sleep – we’re still so far from the love that needs to caress us before we can rest our heads on the pillow of this life.

My precious heart, maybe they could fix us if we broke.

Or maybe we already are.

We’ll never be lonely, as long as we have each other, my tiny darling inside of my aching chest.

 And maybe, just maybe…one day another heart will join our sleeping minds at night.

I love you, don’t be afraid.


10 thoughts on “My tiny darling.

  1. This text made me cry, Froe! Far too amazing, really.
    Dunno, but was it a lil’ inspiration ’cause of our talk on Msn a few minutes ago? I’m just interested in.
    Listen up to me talented girl, I love you! ❤

    • Honey, I only cause you tears with my scribbles :’) *cuddles* Yes, what you told me just brought up stuff in my own head that was lingering there…
      I love you too babygirl!<33

  2. *stares at screen, encaptured* (as always!)
    I honestly hope you find that second heart to beat with, my dear – and sooner, rather than later ❤

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