Size 0…oh no!

So the one thing that women and weight have in common is the fact that they both begin with the letter ‘w‘…and that’s about it! Let’s face it – we’d like to send every scale on our globe on a spacetrip towards the and-you’re-doomed-to-stay-here-forever-planet.

As I was desperately rumbling through the clothing racks like a fashion lunatic today, looking for anything descent to wear on Newyearseve, my hands got drawn to some wide and comfortable items (clothes that could fit you and your boyfriend and your grandma all in one)  BUT also to dresses in which you have to squeeze yourself – you know, the kind that makes you look like the heavy one if you’d be standing next to a hippo…You get the point.

Ooh shut up, hippopotamus!

Then came the fun part – fitting. *insert sarcasm here*

It could be me but when I’m standing in the fittingroom and staring at my reflection wide-eyed, I can’t help but notice my flaws in the bad lighting (I think the shops just want to make us feel bad or something…seriously…change the lights!) and then – completely horrified- I notice that all the gorgeous wardrobe candy doesn’t look as good on me as it did on the model that had smiled at me from a poster clinging to the wall.


But instead of planning a killer diet in my head, I smiled at myself in the mirror, because why should a girl or a woman feel bad because she isn’t superskinny?

Ok, let’s be honest, we all envy the perfect lines and curves on other women (damn you perfect creatures!)  but -and here comes the cliché but it’s so true!- in the end it all comes down to loving yourself and confidence.

 A guy that ditches you because of the fact that you are a lady that likes to enjoy a slice of pie once in a while -thank you very much!- simply isn’t worth your time anyway. 

Choose the chocolate, lose the bastard!

So sweet ladies, embrace your curves and start loving yourself. As long as you stay healthy, why wouldn’t you be allowed to eat yummie stuff? Let’s ban these squeeeeeeze dresses to the moon along with the scales!

Because honestly…who’s prettier when you compare let’s say Lindsey Lohan to Marilyn Monroe?

You get the point.

My message for your newyearseve: Be proud and be sexy!



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