Just keep walking

Subtle eyes wandered through a misty sight, leaving their owner numb and colorblind. Grey trees and dim avenues were once painted by a boy who had lost his will to fight the shadows in his mind.

There was no blue, there was no red, the colors had faded with every tear he had shed.

“Keep walking,” a sharp voice shot words around the corner, leaving the face of the commander unknown.

Where to walk to, when there was no golden hair alluring him to sweep his hand through? How to take the right steps when every hint of the sky was overtaken by rainclouds and dread? When to cross the street when the traffic lights had lost their pattern of green – orange-red?

“Walk, walk, just keep walking,” his mind spun the words like woolen socks around his feet.

Fingernails scratched the back of his neck, traced the frozen line of his spine and pulled the strings of clothing from his frame. Whispers danced temptingly on his shoulders, telling him to give in and take the blame.

“You’ll never reach what you can’t find.”

“We’re never gonna leave you behind.”

“Is it love you’re looking for?”

“Your heart is black and at war.”

His scorching shoulders leaped forward and he pressed his hands to his ears, sobs escaping his busted lips. The rain softly caressed his raven hair, like a soothing mother in times of need.

He would walk until he fell. Until life decided to flee his obstructed veins. He would recall the soft pink skies when the sun kissed the moon goodnight. He would walk and climb every obstacle, until he’d find the green of serene fields.

He would find the rosey lips of a lover and the silver stars singing him to sleep.

“Walk, walk, just keep walking,” his words clung desperately to his tired body, shielding his skin from peeling off.

Soon, he’d open his sleeping eyes, leave the colorless dream behind. Blissful faces would pass him by, hopeful smiles settling into his life. A rainbow would sparkle in delight, flashing by in the twinkling of an eye.  But he’d catch it and place the colors back into his sight.

Just keep walking. Always keep walking. Through your deepest despair, the road you need to follow will still be there.

Just keep walking.


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