Team Carlisle!

Ok, so…

I really had to get this off my chest my dear pumpkins.

I am –as I believe the rest of the (sane?) world to be- immensely obsessed (like uber captivated) with the Twilight Saga/ New Moon book. –Really? Really.-

*insert silly fangirl grin here*

I’m not sure if it’s because of the crystal skinned beauties (or vampires as they are ought to be called, but I hate that word) that remind me of myself so much when I look in the mirror in the morning -seriously, ouch…it looks like I’ve been dead for over 300 years then-

…or maybe it’s because of the way the writer describes a werewolf to be hot (and steamy!)…In my imagination, they used to be oversized flee circuses that liked to rip apart adventurous and mainly brainless –no offence!- teenage girls who liked hiking during the night for some bizarre reason. (when I was fourteen I never felt like wandering through the forest at night, but hey!)

Anyhow, I’m thankful to be hooked on this book for:

A)     expanding my imagination (when it comes to friendly werewolves & vegetarian vampires I must surely credit the writer for this…)

B)      making me believe in love again (even if it means I’ll have to endure being hunted by all sorts of mythical monsters)

C)      giving me inspiration to write myself! (this blog is pure proof…)

So yes. Let me just chant Team Edward really loud right now.


Ok I’m done.

On what team are you? Team Edward or Team Jacob? I think there should be a Team Carlisle (He’s the doctor/Edward’s dad…but you knew that :D) …Because once again I seem to fall utterly in love with the older one in this story…+ he’s the good guy here!





Love, Frauke Cullen xoxo

(obsessed much?!*slaps herself*)


19 thoughts on “Team Carlisle!

  1. Ooooh, Team Carlisle, sounds tempting.. But still, give me the son ;P TEAM EDWARD! Allthough Jacob is a hottie but he did smth that wasn’t nice in New Moon so na-aaaa no more Team Jacob for me ;D

  2. Team Jacob!!! 😀 He’s much hotter (you can take that in both ways 😉 ) than that pale-skinned Edward!
    I don’t like being cold 🙂 I need someone to warm me up.

    • Agreed!The vampires are so much more mysterious, way hotter than werewolves, hehe!
      Have you read the books? I’m almost finished with the last…yeah *addicted* ^^

  3. When reading Twilight and New Moon, I was definitely Team Jacob, because in Twilight, Edward was way too corny (oooh, I love you but we can’t be together. Let’s hug.) and because he left in New Moon.
    But now I’m halfway Eclipse and I changed to the right team (EDWAAAARD!!).
    As they say in Dutch:
    Op elk potje past maar één dekseltje ;P

    • I love corny Edward 😀 tehe!
      But I kinda understand what you mean…
      Ooh my,I just bought Eclipse today because I almost finished up New Moon!
      It’s so addictive…like really, I feel five years old.
      Did I mention I like Carlisle?Yummmmmm

  4. I am on Team Jasper. I like my men cold, strong, and close to snapping at me. Hehe. Plus the emotion control helps too.

  5. I toats agreee!! Carlisle is the most amazing thing my eyes have (uuhh) set eyes on, and thats a lot of people and varieties of cake!!!! :O :O :O :O
    Me is on team edward 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Oh so saucy!! :}

  6. *passes out* Carlisle is my dream…… 🙂 Such a hottie 😉 Have you ever seen Peter on Nurse Jackie? I’m still looking into that….. SO EXCITED 😮 spazzy moment :}

  7. I have been obsessed about Carlisle since picking up the first book, man of fue words but what he says is anuff ^ ^ Also hi new to this blog and luvin it……
    All the other blogs I’ve seen kinda run for about a day and then puff *smoke and glitter* no more posts

    I hope you add to yours
    CARL (who is a girl Xp)

    • Me too!He’s so mysterious…Esmee is lucky,haha!So glad you dropped by and no worries, my posts will keep on coming ❤ thanks so much for your appreciation!Love x

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