Note to self: I love you.

Hi sweets,

Feeling the need to share my thoughts with you… I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions the past few weeks. Some wonderful, memorable things have happened to me but on the other hand the same things exposed a hurtful truth to me:

How insecurity can sometimes stop a person from fully enjoying a moment, or how someone you really trusted turns out to befriend you for reasons that have nothing to do with you as a person.

I am human, not just a link from one point to another. I’m a woman who carries love, not someone you can fool around with to kill your time. I refuse to be someone’s secret and I refuse to sell my soul for a job, money or a famous name. I’ll do things my way, in a good way, and hopefully reach my dreams.

But I won’t kill my sincerity for a dream, because killing only happens in nightmares.

So please, anyone out there who feels stuck –you feel underappreciated, you feel like no one really understands you, you wish people saw you as you really were- PLEASE stand up for yourself.

Don’t let someone pluck you out of the sky like you’re a tiny frozen drop to push you down a cliff and turn you into a giant snowball. You’re not ice cold. Deep inside you carry a warm heart, don’t let it freeze over, don’t let anyone sends their chills to your veins.

Be a fighter, but a genuine one. Fight with your honesty, not with your hands.

Justice will arise, although it might take some time. Rest your head on your pillow every evening and embrace sleep with a smile – a clear conscience means you’ll find a blissful life filled with love – I truly believe so. It’ll come to you some day. Just believe.  Be a good person and believe.

Don’t be artificial, someone will strip off your wrapping sooner or later and you’ll be left bare-naked and despised.

I really wish people would step up more, stand up for their rights, look for freedom of speech and mind and live through each day with a friendliness towards others that is endless.

Love. Laugh. Be proud. Don’t just chase that dream, catch it.

So remember this : “note to self: I love you.”

Love, Frauke xoxo


6 thoughts on “Note to self: I love you.

  1. Oh my gosh, Froe! This post was .. no no .. is amazing!
    U know, i love ur writing. U’re so human, so wise and so respectful. I’ve to thank u for so much. I rlly have.
    And honey, if u feel sad or too many thoughts are smothering u or something like that, i’ll be there for u. U can talk to me whenever u want.
    I LOVE U ! <333333.

    • My sweet, sweet Nina 🙂 Your words never fail to make me smile. I’m glad I can somehow guide not only myself but also others like you by baring and expressing myself through my words. You’re a writers dream because your appreciation is what feeds my inspiration and my drive to keep writing and keep going. Thank you, sincerely, for entering my life in such a loving and respectful way. You’re truely beautiful. 🙂 Thank you!Love xx

  2. Gosh, that what u wrote right now to me .. i’m almost crying honey. U’re just way too amazing.
    I’m happy that I can make u smile with only these simple but though special words. It means a lot to me. U mean a lot to me, u rlly do. I wouldn’t know what I should do without u know. I need u & ur words. And i’m gladly to be ur dream, the writers dream. I’ll support u as much as i can, ’cause u’re brilliant, just talented. And i’ve to thank u too for entering my life in such a loving and respectful way, nothing better could happen to me.
    I LOVE U! <3.

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