“Please…let me come with you,” he begged, holding on to the hand of the woman that reminded him so much of the raindrops that abandoned the sky outside.

A hasty smile, a brutal charm avoided by so many, her arrival when he wasn’t ready to handle her. And when surrender had come and he was soaked by her love,  he drowned in her arms when she whispered she would leave him again.

Avoiding his questioning eyes, she brought his hand up to her mouth,  softly devouring his gentle touches as she kissed his fingertips.

“Secrets…” her beautiful voice adorned her cruelty. “…may not be revealed when the sun rises.”

His eyes were torn to the window, where the world behind these thin walls was welcomed by the drops of morning dew making love to each other on the cold pavement.

Invisible tears cradling his eyes.

I don’t want to be your secret.

The rustle of her diamond dress brushing the velvet floor, the touch of her sinful lips fading from his memory, the greedy photographers waiting for their forbidden star to enter the hotel lobby. Things he couldn’t quite grasp any longer.

“I’ll see you after the show tonight,” she sealed his doubts with her claiming words, then closed the door to her heart, body and  hotel room with a sigh.


5 thoughts on “Secrets…

    • *sends a certain someone very special to soften your tears* 😉
      When I wrote this, I felt the shame and loneliness of that boy; like that famous girl could do with him whatever she choose to without him daring to speak up…Thinking that everything that went wrong was his fault. Thinking he wasn’t enough for her. He’s actually very broken in my eyes, that’s why he allows her to treat him that way…but he loves her, so so much, even though she brings him so much hurt…
      So he feels stuck…as her secret…and it hurts so much to love.

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