My lady inspirations!

Hi gummiebears!

I just wanted to introduce you – very quickly!- to some of the female celebrities that continue to inspire me every day with their stunning looks, worthy lifestyle and the belief that a dream can come true.

The Divas


My top three divas…One by one sincerely beautiful women who carry out an admirable strength.


  • Who? One of the first recognized Afro-American top models.
  • One fact about Iman I really like: She’s the proud wife of the one and only true chameleon of music history, David Bowie. Oh.My.God. Girl…jackpot! I’m secretly in love with Bowie although he’s kind of a grandpa now…Hmm.

Tyra Banks

  • Who? Also one of the first recognized Afro-American top models and host of the succesful in-depth talkshow “The Tyra show” ánd “America’s next top model”.
  • One fact about Tyra I really like: She revealed she’s so ashamed about her natural hair that she constantly wears wigs and hair pieces. I love how very open she is about her flaws. Proves that all of us women are kinda the same when it comes to looks; we worry, we worry…


  • Who? She grew from a one-hit-wonder to an internationally praised superstar.
  • One fact about Rihanna I really like: She recently spoke out on her experience as a victim of domestic violence, (her ex-boyfriend and singer Chris Brown scandalized her face by repeatedly hitting her in February) and by doing so, she inspired abused women all over the world to break their silence and to stop any injustice happening towards them. All I can say is: you go girl!

The Fashion Icons


You don’t meet too many people who look dazzling with pink hair, boy Tees and lanterns on their heads…

Audrey Kitching

Who? She’s a model, designer, blogger and the newest IT-girl who deserves to be in the spotlight.

One fact about Audrey I really like : She fights and works really hard to achieve her dreams without doing the nasty with half of Hollywood. Halleluja and amen to that!

Agyness Deyn

Who? She’s an androgynous model & designer muse.

One fact about Agyness I really like : Her Tomboyish style combined with her down-to-earth attitude turned Agyness into a unique person – not persona!-  in the fashion industry. It fascinates me when the strict borders between what’s male and what’s female are being pushed…

Lady Gaga

Who? Internationally praised singer & performer that earns whispers saying “she’s the new Madonna!”

One fact about Gaga I really like : She’s so, so, SO over the top and that’s what makes her so interesting to watch. You could actually say she’d make quite a career as a museum piece with the outfits she wears. And I really -pretty please?- want her Kermit the frog dress…gimme!


The natural beauties


Some people even look good when they step out of bed…jealous, much?

Chantelle Paige

Who? Former model & talented new singer (in the band Flipsyde and solo!)

One fact about Chantelle I really like : She cares about her fans and supporters so much… I think she spends hours reading their messages and replying to them on her personal pages! I really respect Chantelle for giving her fans the recognition every fan dreams of. If only more stars were like her…*sighs dreamily* If I were a boy, I’d marry her, yessur!

Kristen Stewart (+ eyecandy!)

Who? Young actress who’s the next big thing in Hollywood ever since the succesful Twilight trilogy.

One fact about Kristen I really like : She’s dating Edw-I mean Robert. Bless them two for falling in love off screen as well!This gives me hope…If I become an actress and star in a movie with -let’s say- Johnny Depp, I’d stand a chance to become his…-I can barely say it- WIFE in real life! (I’m kidding of course Vanessa…You and Johnny look gorgeous together *sniffle*)

What is it with me falling for grandpa’s?

+ I only put Kristen on here because I wanted to show off Robert.

I kid, I kid.

Hayley Williams

Who? Proud redhead and the singer -and only girl!- in the rocky teenband paramore.

One fact about Hayley I really like : Her tweets. On Twitter. Just hilarious. Random example: “good morning. whoever is responsible for #youknowyouruglyif is a dummy. it’s YOU’RE. with an “RE”. once again, good morning.” I think Haylz and me could be BFF’s!


5 thoughts on “My lady inspirations!

  1. Such a good blog, really! And awesome inspiration females! When i look at u, i can see some of ur females there .. for example Rihanna (ur hair).
    Chantelle Paige, Lady Gaga and Rihanna rocks the most! Hell yeah!!! 🙂

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