Only fools can be fooled.



Let me kiss your dusty eyelids.

Unbutton the collar that’s choking your tiny heart.

Melancholy chained around your neck with a soft coldness.

Let me cut it loose before it concurs your spine.



You don’t taste like you sound.

A voice that has surrendered to what others want to hear.

I can only listen to the words your hands spell.

Every letter they form is a quiet stutter.



Only fools can be fooled.

I won’t dress up for your occasion.

Sleep will be my name and rest you’ll find.

Just trust these lines.

-I dedicate this to all those who are afraid to love. Don’t be scared. Someone will heal you someday. Love, Frauke xoxo-



2 thoughts on “Only fools can be fooled.

  1. Amazing lines. You’re way too stunning, Froe.
    I hope someone will heal me .. Actually i would give up and throw all my hopes away but when i read your blog entry here right now i can’t. I love u for doin’ this to and with me. You’re so someone special for me, honey!

    ♥ ♥ ♥.

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