Golden Performances at the EMA

Best performance:

The fabulous and ever so gorgeous Beyoncé!

 beePhoto by Dave Benett

 This lady captivated the crowd with her sugarcoated voice, delicate dance routines and warmhearted looks and background. The thing I love about this woman is her strength and how well she can carry it out to other women out there; It seemed like all of us ladies were feeling bootylicious all of the sudden. The loveliest thing was the moment the performance was over and she took  the time to take in the applause and the appreciation from the crowd and her fans. Her smile was a sincere one and the cutest thing -her cheeks actually flushed pink!

 A shy diva? Kinda liking it!

Most memorable performance:

Tokio Hotel, the boys who were on fire, baby!


The theme that spun a perfect web around the show was definately the fact that 20 years ago, the Berlin wall came down,which created a moment in history that would bring millions of citizens hope and freedom again.

This important anniversary was sure to be mentioned before the cheeky, young rockers from Tokio Hotel climbed the stage. With a perfectly fitting song titled ‘World behind my wall’, they couldn’t have made Germany more proud. Rocking their homecountry whilst the videoscreens portrayed people climbing over a wall until it finally came down, they gained the endless respect and appreciation of the audience.

They literally set the stage on fire and with this, they burned down every prejudice ever made about them – these talented boys are definately worth the award they won for ‘Best Group’!

Also… Singer Bill Kaulitz swung his arm in the air whilst performing and showed off one of his tattoos which says ‘Freiheit 89’. Now, the real meaning to this is the fact he was born in 1989 & he is someone who worships freedom – but I actually thought it was a funny coincidence that the Berlin wall came down in 1989 as well, which brought freedom amongst so many.

Absolute highlight of the evening:

The final and very royal performance coming from rock god Bono and the King of the Urban Scene Jay-Z!


One word, three syllables: A-MA-ZING

What can I say? Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the U2 show since I was inside of the O2 World Arena during the entire show, but thank the heavens for live broadcasting inside of the venue! The energy spat of the screens that were plastered above the EMA stage and even for just a considerate moment, all voices went numb and eyes were torn to the spectacular show in the approving shadows of the  Brandenburger Tor. That moment was what music is all about. An ecstatic crowd, the thrill of the cameras registering every move, musicians who played their instruments as if they were in a passionate love game and on top of all that two men who are practically married to the music scene.

Hugs and smiles, notes and hope. Bono and Jay shared it all. Amen!

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xoxo Frauke


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