Your crying luxurious eyes

Hi sweethearts,

Just a small blog from the heart ❤ I’m in Berlin right now and ready to attend the European Music Awards tomorrow. After a long and exhausting day I can look back on all the fun I had today but also on how much I got confronted with the dreams I still cherish deep inside. Days like these are filled with the sight of luxury and perfect smiles, whilst the weeping sound of soft crying is somewhere to be heard in the room next to mine. It’s weird how something beautiful that happens in your life can teach you how awful other feel.

Respect so you can love and love to respect others. Nothing is about fame or money, those are just cover-ups. Stay true to your good heart ❤


One thought on “Your crying luxurious eyes

  1. Awww honey!
    Ur blogentry is just amazing. My eyes are full of tears now. I adore ur writing, i adore ur thoughts.
    I hope u’ll have a lot of fun tonight. And u know, think of me ’cause unfortunately i can’t be there. I wish i could. But well, rock the shit Froe!!!
    Much love, kisses and hugs. Love u! 🙂

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