When style meets personality…Richie Nickel

Hi trendy guys and beauty dolls!

Copyright by Richie Nickel :)

Copyright by Richie Nickel

There’s a wide range of models, artists and fashionistas that inspire me personally, so I thought I’d let you meet them. Today I’ll be putting Richie Nickel into my very own spotlight, hooray!

Ok, so he’s so much more than a guy wearing MAC eyeshadow just for fun. (although MAC is fun, but I won’t be bothering you with my MAC cosmetics obsession at the moment!)

 He’s a boy who has broken boundaries just by daring to express himself through clothing and make-up.

Don’t give me that look!A boy wearing make-up is pretty amazing, you know!

But that’s not the only reason I like him… Richie has modelled in front of famous photographer Mario Testino’s camera for Vogue and hosts the What Style Is To Nickel show on Youtube, offers make-up adivce and inspires others to embrace their very own personal style.

Copyright by Richie Nickel :)

Copyright by Richie Nickel

Isn’t he a cutie?

On top of that, he’s a sweetheart. That’s a gift , I personally believe.

 Keeping your feet on the ground seems to be hard for some nowadays (Are you reading this, Mr. Kanye West?) but Richie doesn’t seem to be the type of person that feels better about himself just because of his popularity.

 Boo deserves some respect!

So, please give him some love by watching his videos and get to know him through his personal style. Give him a chance and you’ll love him forever, promise!

Watch Richie’s sparkly and a-ma-zing channel

People like Richie make me feel like it’s ok to be who I am and that’s something only sincere people can do.

Copyright by Richie Nickel :)

Copyright by Richie Nickel

To me, a style is showing what’s on the inside by using your outside and therefore it’s not a thing to be ashamed of, ever. People who dare to express themselves are a source of  inspiration to me, as I’ve never been the sort of person that appreciates it when the world tells you it’s not ok to be you – Sorry, but I think it is, ha!

We’re all too focused on trying to fit in, which makes us forget about the person we really are.

We should always stay unique.

Love, Frauke


5 thoughts on “When style meets personality…Richie Nickel

  1. I rated it “excellent” because you’re so right about richie nickel ^^ he’s a nice chap … at least he sounds like one on his video on youtube

    I absolutly love him =^^=

  2. I have just suscribed to his YouTube channel and follow his website. Hope you meet him soon. What country are you from?? Tell us more about you!!!

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