The bully and the bullied.

This seriously makes we want to snuggle up to my pillow and cry soft tears. “Do you ever provoke the kids so it makes them bully you?” There’s NEVER an excuse for bullying, nobody’s asking for it and I was shocked to hear the host speak these words.

How saddened this world can be sometimes. Pearl drops falling from eyes that are supposed to shine with joy and not with brokeness. Every day, kids wake up with hearts like bread crumbs, painful memories and swollen eyes. Both the bully and the bullied one. They’ve one thing in common: the day will always taste bitter. The bullied one wondering why and the bully wondering how it ever got to this, the normality of a behavior that slowly kills someone’s bravery.

So who’s there to hold the kid who’s been called names too many times? Who’ll remember this kid of who he really is?

And who’s there to try and see further than an annoying kid bullying another? Who’ll dare to find the cause?

Personalities so golden turn dusty and vague, are being stacked to never be found again. I’d sleep with my eyes open, leave my dreams for the night, just to prove these kids that there’s at least someone who sees their hurt.

In my own way, I want to say that I care, I understand and I never want to lose the belief that one day the painful words and wounds will dissapear for those who already feel sliced open. Both bully -whatever made you do this- and bullied -whatever they’ve told you- , I think deep down, you’re beautiful.

This song inspires me whilst writing on this matter…and I know it will keep inspiring me whilst I’ll keep fighting the melancholy it brings to my mind and makes me realize I want to help anyone who’s been hurt. I will somehow and I will someday, that’s a promise.


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