Smile…though your heart is aching.

The finest piece of artwork is seeing someone smile.

When you walk down the street and you curl your lips into a friendly grin, you’ll see amazed faces who feel pleasantly surprised – or an awkward stare right back at you. Bless human kind. We all want to be loved, no one really wants to be left alone, even though we sometimes think so. Then when someone gives you such a simple thing as a smile, you downcast your eyes and cough, trying to be invisible, although you really, really wanted to smile back. It’s ok though, I know and I understand.

That’s who I am and how I am. Sometimes it breaks me in two, when trust and honesty is transformed into something as unreal as a lie. But it’s ok…I just stitch myself up again, I promised myself to always get through. And you know, those who hurt are often more hurt than the ones they are hurting. At least I try to keep my heart from being an ashtray.

I truly love the people in my life who help me with this, the ability to be true to myself and the belief that we’re all golden somewhere deep inside is something I really learn from those surrounding me. I wish to give them back my love and appreciation, every day, with every gust of breath coming from my lungs.

 I’ll never claim to be perfect, I do make mistakes, but I do find perfection in imperfection. It’s a blessing when you can embrace yourself as you are, be you, stay unique. It’s so unbelievably important to express your personality, although some might whisper and some might giggle. Let them be, those who say what they have to say, let them turn their heads away. One day you’ll realize you’re happier than they are, just by being you.

So thank you, stranger in the street, for just being there so I shouldn’t walk this road all on my own. Thank you my dear loved ones for sharing your mind and heart with me. Thank you for the days that have passed and the days that will still come. I’ll embrace them with all my heart.

Love, Frauke x


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