Cracks in a foundation called love.

There’s such a bittersweet reality to love.
Like how much it hurts to miss someone, but how good it is to know that tomorrow you’ll no longer stand here alone. How empty you feel without being loved, how empty you feel being loved but not enough, how endlessly desperate you try to fill in every gap of your heart when someone finally does love you.
So what do we do, when we need what destroys us, when we destroy what we need and when somewhere in between, we lose the will to see the difference…
When our worried thoughts have stillled and loneliness has piled up for everyone to take their part and leave, we will be able to love, finally love. There will be no closed doors to where our hearts live and avoiding the cracks in this foundation, we’ll be able to stand tall.
Have your say.

Have your say.

Hi guys, thanks for reading, I appreciate it so much
I was wondering,
what do you do when you miss someone?
Let me know in a comment.
Love x

4 thoughts on “Cracks in a foundation called love.

  1. It’s so true. You need love, You need friends!
    And I’m missing a friend but I will see her back on saturday, ain’t that amazing? xD
    You rock!

  2. When I miss a friend, so much it makes my heart ache, I think of the wonderful moments we’ve spent together throughout the last 3 years… That’s what makes my heart flutter again. It won’t be long before I see you, baby! x.

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